Fear and Loathing in Galveston, TX

I had the opportunity to go to Galveston for a meeting recently. Just to keep you informed, the highlights of work trips like this usually tend to center around after hour activities not the actual meeting. My trip to Galveston was no different.

We stayed at Moody Gardens on Galveston Island. A nice hotel with lots of activities near. There are several pools and a man made beach with lots of area’s for the kiddies. The hotel shares a parking lot with the water park Schlitterbahn. There is also an IMAX theater, Aquarium, and a Rainforest totally enclosed in a Luxor styled glass pyramid.

Due to this being a more localized meeting our small group was dominated by fairly conservative individuals who tend to go to bed early and consider getting a salted rim on their single small margarita “stepping it up a notch”. So our team building activities were planned accordingly. Of course I would have voted for Schlitterbahn but we ended up checking out the Galveston Aquarium as well as the visiting Titanic Artifact Exibition. You get a ticket of an actual passenger upon entering the exhibit and at the end you get to check your “boarding pass” against the list of passengers and see if you survived or perished. Of course not only was I a 3rd class passenger I totally didn’t make it.

So after theses thrilling adventures, NOT! I was ready for some food and drinks.

The first night we went casual beachy fair. We hit Fish Tales located along the seawall and the food was right on. I started things out with a Frozen Margarita with full intentions of forgetting our team building as quickly as possible. If the Margarita didn’t immediately do it the Gulf Shrimp Ceviche Marinated in lime juice, roasted tomatoes, peppers,onions & cilantro, served with tortilla chips sure did. At $9.99 it was well worth it. Someone else ordered the “Hot Combo” which had Popcorn Shrimp, Calamari,  Fishin’ Poles,Shrimp Kisses & Puffers on a bed of French fries and Shark’s Teeth. I tried…unsuccessfully to avoid this massive pile of fried goodness. I sampled most of the contents and all were really good. In an attempt to keep er’ healthy I had the Seared Tuna which was fantastic.

After dinner the I joined a few of the “old timers” for frosty drinks as another establishment along the seawall. We passed several worthy candidates including places like “The Poop Deck” in favor of the Galveston Classic “The Spot”. The Spot is famous for its Hamburgers as well as the Biker Crowd that seem to dig the place. I did get to see some interesting things with at The Spot. Our young waitress impressed me with her ability to open beer bottles with her forearm and magically hold the cap affixed there for a seemingly indefinite amount of time. It was late and I was awfully easy to impress.

Fast forward though another day of presentations and PowerPoints and we find ourselves back at dinnertime. We hit Fisherman’s Wharf at peir 22. Between the fresh oysters on the half shell and the calamari I wasn’t sure I’d be able to power through to the main course. I sampled one of my colleagues lobster bisque and I highly recommend it. Obviously this place is all about the fresh seafood so choosing between the fresh Flounder, Ahi, Amberjack, Red Snapper, Golden Tile???(the menu says Tender, sweet & delicate with a lobster-like flavor), Mahi, Red Fish, and Chilean Sea Bass was tough. I went with the Stuffed Flounder. It was Huge! Over a pound and three-quarter-size flounder stuffed with their famous crabmeat stuffing & topped with crawfish tails sauteed in a Dijon cream sauce. Throw in some sautéed spinach and a icy cold Heineken and it was damn near perfect.

Our last night in Galveston we stepped it up a notch. We hit The Original Mexican Café at 1401 Market St. It looks like a nice old southern gothic house pulled straight form Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Food and service were great. I ordered the sampler platter and the tacos and chalupa were super fly.

We decided that a nightcap was in order so one of the guys in our group who went to school in Galveston recommended O’Malley’s Stage Door Pub at 2022 Post Office St. The place just had that good Irish pub feel. I can’t think of another opportunity that I’ve had to kick back and enjoy a Chimay (RED) while simultaneously watching one of the Toxic Avenger movies and Olympic swimming on separate big screens.

One additional comment. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try a Chimay you really need to make that happen. It is by far one of the most complex beers I’ve tasted. On the nose it is very fruity with a heavy component of dough. The taste also reminded me of a red wine’s bouquet. Of course at approx. 7% ABV Chimay kicks like a four legged ninja.


~ by freddywindham on August 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fear and Loathing in Galveston, TX”

  1. Hmm. . . if I had the choice between Schlitterbahn and team-building, I think I would’ve had to have ditched the team-building. Chris and I have always wanted to go there. Or at least ever since we saw it featured on the Travel Channel. But alas, I’m sure you didn’t have that option. What a shame to be so close and to not be able to get there. . .

  2. Glad you enjoyed the island. You made great choices in places to eat. I’m a local, family going back 150yrs +, I think, so next time you come drop me an email and I will suggest some more great things to do here…time allowing. We are rebuilding after…that storm…and I have faith that the island will eventually be better than ever to visit!

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