Get yo’ Ringtone on!

Last night Christie was none to happy to learn that I didn’t have a custom ringtone set for her calls.  After a small debate over good candidates and having her veto several fine choices I finally threw out this option.

This morning I decided to make that happen and in doing so I ran across a super cool website for finding ringtones.

Just browsing the website you’ll find tons of clips that can be used as ringtones.  If you’re super picky and you want to make that perfect sample of a song into a custom ringtone then I’ll walk you through it.  If you have the .mp3 of the file you want to sample you can upload it to audiko.  If you don’t have the file then I recommend heading over to a previously mentioned favorite of mine Sad Steve.

Head over and visit Steve and search for the song you want to sample for a ringer.

Once your listening to the song Rt. Click on “Download” and select “Copy Link Location”.  This will copy the link to the .mp3 file of the song to you clipboard.  Now head over to  The interface is nice and clean. (It’s so easy a caveman could do it)

From here you can upload your own file or If your using ole’ sadsteve click the “enter an URL” link.

Now just paste the URL address you copied from good ole’ sadsteve just a second ago.

Audiko will load up your song straight from sadsteve.  It will take a minute or two so sit back and revel in the wonderful Internet glory that only happens when two website’s work so well together.  You can slide the start and end point of your clip as well as have it fade in and out.  When you get your clip situated just right click “create ringtone!

Once your done it gives you a link that you can email to your phone or a link you can enter into you phones web browser.  Download the clip to your phone and your done!


~ by freddywindham on October 4, 2008.

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