The fireplace goes on a diet and the TV finds a new home.

Ever since we got our Samsung LCD TV I’ve wanted to have it mounted over the fireplace.  Unfortunately as you can see the wonderful brick mantel is a really weird height.  I’ve been telling my wife that one day I was going to knock down some of those bricks and lower the fireplace mantel to a normal height.  I researched the project for almost a year and finally got started!

I used a drill with a masonry bit to drill across the mortar.  A crowbar and hammer helped to convince the brick that it would be better off some where else.  After a slight miss calculation on the weight of the GIANT slab of bricks I was on my way.

Some drywall mud and paint improve the looks of things allot.  Did I mention that I’m potentially the most unhandy fellow around?  Throw in a new power plug and your almost there.  Don’t forget to snake that HDMI cable through the wall!

Let me go ahead and say after you get over the price shock of the Ultra-Low Profile mount from Omnimount you’ll soon be in shock over the major pain it is to follow the cryptic instructions and get it level.  Of course when using a Ultra-Low Profile mount like this you have to consider that you won’t have room to plug the TV into the outlet much less add a surge suppressor.  There is a small recessed area in the rear of the TV so I measured close to a million times for the location of the power outlet so the plug would fit perfectly.

So here are things buttoned up.

Ahh.. My new Onkyo 606 and Polk RM10 surrounds came in and finish things off nicely. I picked up a nice Techcraft audio rack to house the components in there new location.


~ by freddywindham on November 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “The fireplace goes on a diet and the TV finds a new home.”

  1. I’m impressed with your handy skills! The mantle is a better height! Not that I would have ever noticed it’s awkward height, but now that you point it out. . .
    Oh – and I especially love the mostly painted wall as an accent to the whole project. 😉

  2. haha… We are going to paint and I didn’t want to have to take the tv back down. It was such a pain to get up there in the first place. Plus Christie got a nice preview of the color!

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