A brief trip to Washington

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and unfortunately most of my destinations have been quite unexciting, but I did get a chance to visit Washington D.C. a few weeks ago for a meeting. During my visit I  uncovered a gaping hole in my knowledge of US history as I visited all the memorials around the D.C. area.   I was excited to use my new Nikon camera to document the trip and was totally bummed when I whipped it out to find a dead battery.  So I had to head over to flickr and borrow a few pictures.

I learned a few things on my first trip to the hub of our counties political engine. First is that the official dress code is limited to a range of navy blue and black suits.  Also Cabby’s don’t take credit cards anywhere in the city.Another is that I absolutely love the Georgetown area.  If your into winding down with a cold drink surrounded by dark suits, well worn brass accents, dark carpets and dark stained wood then you’ll be fine.

On Wed night I had dinner at Clyde’s in Georgetown.  Checking the menu I was totally surprised at the Lobster offering for a paltry 18 bones!  Every one at the table went for the lobster which was accompanied by French fries and coleslaw.  I negotiated with a colleague for a surf and surf swap.  I swapped several of my delicious scallops for some of her succulent lobster.

On Thursday night we went to J.Pauls for dinner.   While I enjoyed my fillet I watched Auburn get handed a beat down.  Before the steak and the AU beat down I enjoyed the petite crab cakes served on toast points.  I give them to big thumbs up.  The steak was …mehh.  Desert was a totally different animal altogether.  The Pumpkin cheese was delicious.

I wish I had more time to see the sights but as usual I’ve gotta scrap together what ever I can after the meetings break at 5pm!

I almost forgot lodging!  I stayed at the Fairmont Hotel.

It was quite nice.  I was totally blown away by the fitness center.  It was HUGE… I mean it was bigger than many gym’s I’ve been to.  The lobby was well appointed with a nice bar and lounge area.  So all in all if your going to have to have a wall to wall meeting somewhere I can totally recommend the Fairmont in Washington.


~ by freddywindham on November 19, 2008.

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