I needed an Old Milwaukee…

My quick trip to Milwaukee started on the rocky side.  On my connection flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee my chill ipod induced sleepy haze was interrupted by the nervous behavior of the flight attendants.  They scurried around and quickly cleared the cabin of service items and took their seats.  Finally they announced over the intercom that the pilot would make an announcement shortly.  At this point I was starting to get nervous because I would imagine that it would take quite allot to get the two old haggard flight attendants this fired up.  Finally the pilot comes on and lets us know that we will be making an emergency landing in Cincinnati.  Nice!  My heart rate is now double…And what is that weird vibration and banging noise coming from directly behind my seat at the very rear of the plane?   The pilot again comes on and assures us that we have been given priority clearance to land. *Fantastic*  The older fellow beside me in the very back row now decides to get chatty.  I had at this point removed my headphones and ceased to resemble a mushroom.  He exclaims “There must be weather in Milwaukee!”  I restrain the urge to smack him as I am screaming to myself that they don’t give priority emergency landing clearance to airplanes diverted due to weather….There’s something wrong with the plane!!!!!!!  Heart rate is now triple…..And now that my noise canceling headphones aren’t filling my ears the vibrations coming from the back of the plane are hard to ignore.  On comes the pilot again.  He calmly informs us that we are experiencing some serious and troubling vibrations from one of the engines.   He also informs us that if it were to “let go” at 30,000ft that would be very bad.  *Great* Yes he actually said “let go”.  So at this point he proceeds to bring the plane from 30,000 ft to some were just above tree top level in approximately 10 seconds. **Now on the outside I’m a mask of complete calm and confidence, but on the inside I’m somewhere between a complete panicked fit and a total come apart.  Also the fact that I was sitting beside the flight attendants in the back made me privy to their conversation debate as to whether we would be greeted by fire trucks on the runway.  *Fantastic. maybe if I don’t die in a fiery crash I’ll get to slide down one of those inflatable ramps you see in the movies.  Of course we made it down safely and the landing was totally anticlimactic.  No inflatable slides for fire trucks.  I would totally like to give big props to the Delta pilots who “got’ er done” and thankfully brought the bird in safe!

The rest of my trip was work.  I made my first visit to a cyclotron today which is a type of particle accelerator.  Very Very Cool.  I had Bacon Pancake’s for breakfast at the Original Pancake House.  Oh yea the bacon was on the inside! And I sampled some fried cheese curds at lunch .  That’s it! Other than the fact that It was painfully cold and snowing.


~ by freddywindham on November 21, 2008.

One Response to “I needed an Old Milwaukee…”

  1. SCA-RY!
    I was headed to Cyprus when I was 16, and our plane made an emergency landing. There were no warning signs such as loud vibrations, or anything but vague pilot’s announcements, but we were greeted with at least 50 ambulances and fire trucks surrounding the runway. I told my Dad about it (he wasn’t with me), and he called the airline to try and find out what had happened. They denied the whole thing.

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